Sport Data Platform (Online Entries)


Sports Data Platform (SDP) - revised name since January 2016.

SDP is a web application which provides a management system, in the form of a comprehensive database, covering Continental Associations and National Federation details management, athletes’ and officials’ profiles, event calendar, online entries and accreditations for international competitions, etc..

Each National Federation or Organising Committee of an ICF official event is given predefined access and permissions for managing particular parts of the system according to their status. 

The web application handles the whole registration process of a delegation (athletes, team staff, officials) and subsequent aspects (accreditations printing, results upload etc...). SDP should be used to collect entries for ICF World Championships and World Cups for all discplines, along with ranking races for canoe slalom. Optionally, it can be used by other event organisers to collect entries for their competition, with the exception of event type: basic international event.

SDP and canoeicf website integration

Information from SDP including the event calendar and National Federation information is available for public viewing on the canoeicf website. Soon athlete biographies and results will also be available on the ICF website, with information coming directly from SDP.

National Federations can add their international events directly to SDP. The ICF will be notified of the request, and can approve the event directly or ask for further information from the organisers. Once the event is approved, you will receive a confirmation email and the event will immediately be displayed on the event list in SDP. Events can take up to three hours to appear on the calendar on the ICF website.

Username and password

Each National Federation is only given one login to the system. They should share the username and password between those who need to submit entries on behalf of the NF. If a password reset is required, this can be completed on the login page with the "forgot my password" button, or by emailing NFs must be aware that a password reset will affect all users from the NF. 

To request access as an event organiser please email with the name of the event(s), and your SDP Organising Committee username, if you have one.

Support and miscellaneous questions

Please send any questions or issues to Please include your username, describe the issue in detail, and include any screenshots if appropriate.

User guides and links

SDP user guide for National Federations (updated March 2017)

Detailed information on SDP updates implemented 19 March 2018

SDP user guide for Organising Committees (updated March 2018)

Access SDP here